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  1. You left a post on the liberated kitchen stating that you were going to make the Lemon Curd using xylitol instead of honey. How did that work out? I am new to using xylitol, so I have not experimented much with it. Any help would be appreciated!


    • Lori,
      Please forgive me for not responding to your question sooner. It’s been super busy on the farm.

      I have not gotten around the making the Lemon Curd. I need to do that. I have found with recipes calling for a liquid sweetener, such as agave, I can do the same amount of Xylitol, but have to add a bit more liquid. My friend Misty will often add an extra egg to the recipe. The thing about honey is it is super sweet, so I might do slightly less. For example, for 1/2 Cup honey, I would do a scant 1/2 cup of xylitol. I can’t remember the recipe for the Lemon Curd, would you mind refreshing my memory?

  2. I talked to you on the phone a couple of months ago about the possibility of buying goat milk from you. Is that still possible? I sure would like to have some goat milk for my 11 month granddaughter (has a LOT of digestion issues and her doctor says fresh, raw goat milk would be good for her) and, of course, for me too–I just love the stuff!

  3. Annie,
    Oh, wow, I completely dropped the ball in getting back to you!!! I am so sorry. We currently don’t have any milk shares available. I will let you know if when we have one. When we sell the baby goats, we’re sure to have more milk. I’m just not sure if we’ll have some for you. A few of my current customers would like more than I can supply. Blessings to you. I hope you already found a supply.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes, I did find a source for raw goat’s milk. I will stay in touch with you if I need milk…or a goat 🙂 My old wether is…pretty old (11) and he’s my huge four footed love. I need an upgraded goat barn before I get any more; (present one is leaky and rotting). No money for that right now. In time.

    • I’m so glad you found milk!! I understand about a lack of funds. 🙂 Take care, and when you’re able to fix that barn and need another goat, you know where you can find one. 🙂

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