Synonyms for sillysilly-face

absurd, giddy, foolish

brainless, childish, crazy, dippy, dizzy, empty-headed, flighty, frivolous, harebrained, idiotic, ignorant, inappropriate, irresponsible, ludicrous, nonsensical, pointless, preposterous, ridiculous, simple, stupid…

To name just a few. Is there any wonder why this Healthy Farm Girl might feel a wee bit trepidatious about being silly? My life coach says being silly isn’t hard; climbing Mt. Hood is hard. I beg to differ.

When the thesaurus defines silly as inappropriate and empty-headed, and this girl, who has worked hard to to be responsible and the opposite of dippy, doesn’t want to be seen as ridiculous or harebrained, being silly is not just hard, it seems darn near impossible. And, it’s downright frightening. Bone chilling frightening. Haunted house scary frightening. Shake in your…

You get the picture.

I have spent days on end with anxiety induced headaches and a screaming digestive system.  I’ve laid in bed stressed. Worried. About what?  The fear that ANY of those synonyms could become how my fellow human beings would come to describe me. Yes, it’s true.

Well, at least it started out that way.

Now,  I’m wondering at the Thesaurus’ synonyms. Does it have itself confused with another word?

Because my fellow man and woman have either expressed nothing (they don’t seem to notice or care) or an appreciation for my bravery to try on something I am not.

I have had strangers tell me I’ve inspired them. Friends have called me brave, fun, hilarious, cute, epic. Did you notice? None of these words appear in the thesaurus’ synonyms. None. Not one.


Time for new synonyms: amusing, enjoyable, entertaining, lively, pleasant, boisterous, merry, and witty. Yes, I think this more accurately describes my Silly Moments.  I am fun.