This is a ❤️❤️palpitation moment.

Moment:  Shoot silly string at someone.

Details: While at my son’s performance at the local community college’s theater, I would pull out my silly string and pull the trigger.

My fear: Will it make too much of a mess? (And actually my wonderfully left-brained husband was sort of distressed about this too.) Will someone from the theater come and ‘talk’ to me and ask me to behave?

Response: The two young men, one of whom was my 15 year old son, were surprised and yet didn’t really seem to care. Although, if I had actually ‘hit’ them both, it might have had a better reaction. Note to self: work on your aim first next time.

At the end of the show, I did happen to surprise my son’s friend by REALLY getting him just as we walked out the door. He did scream a little. Haha!!

Truth: It was SO much fun!! I definitely am going to carry a can of silly string in my purse at all times.

New Fear: None. Yay!!

How I feel: Awesome. After I allowed myself to be okay with a little silly string on the floor of the theater, I felt energized and excited to ‘shoot’ someone. I think it was especially fun because no one would expect that kind of behavior from me. So…ya’ll better be on your guard. You just never know when you could be next.