This is a ❤️ palpitation moment.

Moment: Blow bubbles while at Starbuck’s

Details: Outside of Starbuck’s, I thought it would be fun to blow bubbles at my dog (golden retriever) and see if he would try to catch them.

My fear:  Minimal fear that others will wonder what the heck I’m doing, and why would a grown woman be blowing bubbles.

Response: A giggle from passing patron. A dog who was completely uninterested in bubble. Haha!

Truth: AGAIN, no one seemed to even notice. Do I just live in a silly place and people just expect to see grown women blowing bubbles at Starbucks?

New Fear: None. 🙂

How I feel: My left brain had difficulties getting out of the way. I SO wanted to blow the bubbles INSIDE Starbuck’s, but I decided that would just be too dangerous. 🙂 You know, it would make the floor slippery. Haha!! And then I was concerned that someone might think I was inconsiderate in letting the bubbles pop onto their car. <sigh> Will I ever be able to just let go and be silly?  Oh, please, God!! Maybe just the very act of being silly every day will convince the logic side of me to let loose. Here’s to hoping.