This is a ❤️❤️❤️ palpitation moment.

Moment:  In public, wear my Batman knee high socks with capes.IMG_7121

Details: Take my kiddo to his Theater Arts class, walk into a room filled with kids of all ages and check for reactions.  Then walk into Safeway (our town’s grocery store) and buy a block of cheese.

My fear: The kids would laugh out loud and whisper to their neighbors what a freak that old woman is. I would get strange looks from my fellow shoppers.

Response: I walked in and no one seemed to notice. What? I finally walked over to my sweet friend (she’s a teacher and the director of Journey Theater Arts Group) and pointed to my socks. She gasped and then said we for sure had to coordinate wearing our superhero socks on the same day. She even tagged another friend on Facebook to join us in our new adventure. Haha!! One kiddo mentioned my socks without me pointing at them. She said, ‘I like your socks.’ 🙂 And then we proceeded to just have a natural normal conversation with a couple of other girls. They acted like Mama Kathleen did this everyday. Huh. Not what I expected at all.

No one noticed in Safeway. If they did, I didn’t see it. Again, why am I shocked by this.

Truth:  I’m not as important as I thought. Haha!! Why would I think, of course, EVERYONE will notice this 45 year old woman wearing Batman socks? Why would I think everyone is always looking at me and evaluating me? People are just going about their day. They have way more important things to think about than me and my silly socks. Well, that’s refreshing. You mean the world doesn’t revolve around me and my actions? Wow! This project has consistently shown me that I have a whole false belief system running around in my unconscious mind. I’m assuming we all do.

Since my young friend, Megan told me about her English professor who wears crazy knee high socks everyday, I’ve been thinking I may need to do some more sock shopping. This kind of silly I think I can do.

New Fear: Weird. I don’t have that scary feeling that when I see my friends again that I will be embarrassed.  Hmmm. That’s new. I still feel like my face will get red when I pick up this week’s pizza.

How I feel: Proud of myself that I made myself do this in public. If I had just done it at home it wouldn’t have been the same.