Silly Moment #1


This is a 4 ❤️ palpitation moment. The very idea of doing this made my anxiety level go through the roof.

Moment: Wear bunny ears to the local pizza joint.

Details: I gave my sweet husband the option to not go with me in case he might be uncomfortable. He chose to wait at home. J If roles were reversed, I probably would’ve done the same. Why is this SO hard?

My fear: People will roll their eyes; their body language will grossly show their clear distaste for my ridiculous behavior. The cashier will indulge me in allowing me to video tape her but she will be a bit condescending. I will leave feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

Response: The cashier greeted me with, “You all ready for Easter?” in a complete non-condescending voice. The other customers giggled in the sweetest fashion. As I opened the door for one customer leaving with her hands full, she said “Thank you. By the way, you look soooo cute.” Meagan the cashier, agreed to let me video she and I . It seemed like a complete non-event to her and the other employees…like people come in to their shop every day with bunny ears on their heads. Meagan asked if this was something for a contest. I explained the situation. And she seemed cool with it.

Truth: No eye rolling. No “You are RIDICULOUS” looks or body language. I did leave feeling embarrassed but not as badly as I had assumed.

New Fear: Will I be embarrassed when I go in next week to pick up our pizza? And if so, why?

Nervous about my next encounter with Meagan. I’m not sure why. I hope to figure that out.

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  1. Love the bunny ears! Good going for being so bold. You should post the video.

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