Why Silly Scares Me

Synonyms for sillysilly-face

absurd, giddy, foolish

brainless, childish, crazy, dippy, dizzy, empty-headed, flighty, frivolous, harebrained, idiotic, ignorant, inappropriate, irresponsible, ludicrous, nonsensical, pointless, preposterous, ridiculous, simple, stupid…

To name just a few. Is there any wonder why this Healthy Farm Girl might feel a wee bit trepidatious about being silly? My life coach says being silly isn’t hard; climbing Mt. Hood is hard. I beg to differ.

When the thesaurus defines silly as inappropriate and empty-headed, and this girl, who has worked hard to to be responsible and the opposite of dippy, doesn’t want to be seen as ridiculous or harebrained, being silly is not just hard, it seems darn near impossible. And, it’s downright frightening. Bone chilling frightening. Haunted house scary frightening. Shake in your…

You get the picture.

I have spent days on end with anxiety induced headaches and a screaming digestive system.  I’ve laid in bed stressed. Worried. About what?  The fear that ANY of those synonyms could become how my fellow human beings would come to describe me. Yes, it’s true.

Well, at least it started out that way.

Now,  I’m wondering at the Thesaurus’ synonyms. Does it have itself confused with another word?

Because my fellow man and woman have either expressed nothing (they don’t seem to notice or care) or an appreciation for my bravery to try on something I am not.

I have had strangers tell me I’ve inspired them. Friends have called me brave, fun, hilarious, cute, epic. Did you notice? None of these words appear in the thesaurus’ synonyms. None. Not one.


Time for new synonyms: amusing, enjoyable, entertaining, lively, pleasant, boisterous, merry, and witty. Yes, I think this more accurately describes my Silly Moments.  I am fun.

Silly Moment #8 – Silly Faces

This is barely a ❤️ palpitation moment.

Moment: On Periscope, make some silly faces.

Details: Erin and Jack Ruddy (kids of my Periscope friend Melissa) challenged me to a silly face-off. So, at the end of my periscope, I gave them 4 super silly faces.

My fear: There was not much of a fear related to this moment. I was mildly concerned that the folks watching might think I was a bit out there, but honestly by now I was pretty sure, based on the responses I’ve gotten already, they wouldn’t mind at all.

Response: Yep, no one minded.

  • New Fear:  None
  • How I feel:  That was fun!

Silly Moment #7 – Silly String at the Theater

This is a ❤️❤️palpitation moment.

Moment:  Shoot silly string at someone.

Details: While at my son’s performance at the local community college’s theater, I would pull out my silly string and pull the trigger.

My fear: Will it make too much of a mess? (And actually my wonderfully left-brained husband was sort of distressed about this too.) Will someone from the theater come and ‘talk’ to me and ask me to behave?

Response: The two young men, one of whom was my 15 year old son, were surprised and yet didn’t really seem to care. Although, if I had actually ‘hit’ them both, it might have had a better reaction. Note to self: work on your aim first next time.

At the end of the show, I did happen to surprise my son’s friend by REALLY getting him just as we walked out the door. He did scream a little. Haha!!

Truth: It was SO much fun!! I definitely am going to carry a can of silly string in my purse at all times.

New Fear: None. Yay!!

How I feel: Awesome. After I allowed myself to be okay with a little silly string on the floor of the theater, I felt energized and excited to ‘shoot’ someone. I think it was especially fun because no one would expect that kind of behavior from me. So…ya’ll better be on your guard. You just never know when you could be next.

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